Hi, I’m Shawn Price.

I partner with artists & creatives to craft custom Ethereum NFT experiences & smart contracts that realize artistic vision and preserve artistic legacy.

Over my career I’ve created software enjoyed by millions of people as a product engineer, engineering manager, entrepreneur, coach, CTO, and founder.

In early 2017 I purchased my first NFT and experienced how empowering this new technology would be for artists and the arts.

In 2017 I programmed my first Solidity code creating a smart contract capable of minting both 1/1’s and Editions.

In 2018 I was a product engineer at Codex Protocol.

I’m a coach who has completed the Co-Active Training Institute coach training curriculum.

In 2021 I joined the Friends with Benefits DAO and was the technical partner that launched Crypto Packaged Goods.

In 2022 I become the fractional CTO of Big Head Club.