A handsome headshot of Shawn Price

Hi, I’m Shawn Price.

Over the past decade+ I’ve created software enjoyed by millions of people. I’ve held roles such as product engineer, engineering manager, entrepreneur, fractional CTO, and founder.

It’s Q2, 2022

These days I’m enjoying the blockchain, crypto & web3 trenches.

About half my time is spent on product development towards a better type of web3 onboarding. The present day rabbithole from normie to crypto-pilled is barely lit, miles too long, and full of snakes. Most don’t make it. There’s a handfull of great web3 tools for web3 onboarding but we’re missing the web1 tool for web3 onboarding.

I keep asking myself what Wikipedia meets Khan Academy for Web3 onboarding would look like?

The other half of my time is spent as owner/operator of the product, strategy, and technology partner for your next NFT project. It’s lots of fun.

Some stuff I’ve done

I purchased my first NFT in mid 2017 and soon after explored what an art gallery powered by smart contracts and a website would be like [1]. I deployed this as far as the Rinkeby testnet taking a major 🤦‍♂️.

In 2018 I was a product engineer at Codex Protocol serving my dual interets of frontier technology and art.

In 2018, unsatisfied with viewing my CryptoKitties on my computer and phone, I built a token-gated app allowing me to enjoy my furrever friends on my TV. [2] [3]

The crypto-winter beginning in 2018 led me back to web2 as an engineering-manager which led me to personally undertake coach training through the Co-Active Training Institute.

The pandemic of 2020 gave me an opportunity to explore freelancing & consulting. I also co-founded Aboard and brought their MVP to market.

NFT Summer ’21 pulled me back into crypto. I joined Friends with Benefits which would lead me to the origin of Club CPG and the founding of an web3 agency with a long-time friend.

In 2021 I joined Social Venture Partners Vancouver as a partner and am excited about contributing towards local non-profits & early childhood development causes.

I also continue to dabble infrequently as a Fractional CTO and coach.

The rest is history.


1. https://github.com/sprice/art-dapp

2. https://twitter.com/sprice/status/1000413087168585729

3. https://github.com/sprice/kittycast