A handsome headshot of Shawn Price

Hi, I’m Shawn Price.

Over the past decade+ I’ve created software enjoyed by millions of people. I’ve had roles such as product engineer, engineering manager, entrepreneur, coach, fractional CTO, and founder.

It’s Q3, 2022 ☀️

These days I’m enjoying the blockchain, crypto & web3 trenches. I’m blending my time coaching web3 entrepreneurs, operating a web3 agency, and building web3 products.

I’m particularily interested in better types of web3 onboarding. The present day rabbithole from normie to crypto-pilled is barely lit, miles too long, and full of snakes. Most don’t make it. There’s a handfull of great web3 tools for web3 onboarding but we’re missing the web1 tool for web3 onboarding.

I keep asking myself what would Wikipedia meets Khan Academy for Web3 onboarding look like? Maybe something like Last Guides which is a product I’m poking at.

I’m building web3 products and communities as owner/operator of the product, strategy, and technology partner for your next NFT project. It’s lots of fun.

I’m currently accepting new coaching clients. My coaching is about an 80/20 mix of coaching/mentorship targetted for builders and change-makers operating at the frontier of tech.

Some stuff I’ve done

I purchased my first NFT in mid 2017 and soon after explored what an art gallery powered by smart contracts and a website would be like [1]. I deployed this as far as the Rinkeby testnet taking a major 🤦‍♂️.

In 2018 I was a product engineer at Codex Protocol serving my dual interets of frontier technology and art.

In 2018, unsatisfied with viewing my CryptoKitties on my computer and phone, I built a token-gated app allowing me to enjoy my furrever friends on my TV. [2] [3]

The crypto-winter beginning in 2018 led me back to web2 as an engineering-manager which led me to personally undertake coach training through the Co-Active Training Institute.

The pandemic of 2020 gave me an opportunity to explore freelancing & consulting. I also co-founded Aboard and brought our MVP to market.

NFT Summer ’21 pulled me back into crypto. I joined Friends with Benefits which would lead me to the origin of Club CPG and the founding of an web3 agency with a long-time friend.

In 2021 I joined Social Venture Partners Vancouver as a partner and am excited about supporting local non-profits & early childhood development causes.

The rest is history.


1. https://github.com/sprice/art-dapp

2. https://twitter.com/sprice/status/1000413087168585729

3. https://github.com/sprice/kittycast