A handsome headshot of Shawn Price

Hi, I’m Shawn Price.


Over the past 13 years I’ve been a professional software engineer, engineering manager, entrepreneur, consultant, and founder.

I’m now exploring development & performance coaching for individuals practicing each of these roles and more.

I connect with creative individuals & groups supporting them in the discovery of their full purpose and potential.

Please email me to connect. I also welcome DM’s on both twitter and instagram.

Current Projects

Coach Training

While I’ve practiced coaching professionally in one way or another for over two years, I know the path to mastery includes training.

I’ve nearly completed coach training provided by the Co-Active Training Institute and by the end of 2021 will receive accreditation from the ICF.

During my training and certification I am working with a small number of individual clients.


July 21, 2021 will end #100DaysOfCoaching 100 people. I’m practicing my craft any chance I get. I’m providing a complimentary coaching session well suited for curious individuals who may or may not already have experience with coaching.

If this captures your curiosity or you’re ready to book a session I invite you to learn more about my coaching.


These group sessions emerged from a coaching engagement with Maven supporting Sahil Lavingia’s Minimalist Entrepreneur Course.

I currently facilitate two bi-weekly mastermind calls with entreprenuers.

Stay tuned via my newsletter and twitter for what the Masterminds will look like in Q3.