I’ve challenged myself to coach 100 different people in 100 days

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Hi, I’m Shawn Price.


Over the past 13 years I’ve created software enjoyed by millions of people. I’ve done this in roles such as product engineer, engineering manager, entrepreneur, fractional CTO, and founder.

I’m now a leadership coach for software engineers, entrepreneurs, and other creative people.

I connect with individuals & groups supporting them in the discovery of their full purpose and potential while accelerating their growth.

Please email me to connect. I also welcome DM’s on both twitter and instagram.

Current Projects

Coach Training

Having practiced coaching professionally for over two years, I know the path to mastery includes training.

In June, 2021 I'll complete extensive training through Co-Active Training Institute and by the end of 2021 will receive accreditation from the ICF.

During my training and certification I am working with a small number of individual clients.

100 Days Of Coaching

July 21, 2021 will end #100DaysOfCoaching 100 different people. I’m providing a complimentary coaching session well suited for curious individuals who may or may not already have experience with coaching.

If this captures your curiosity or you’re ready to book a session I invite you to learn more about my coaching.


These group sessions emerged from a coaching engagement with Maven supporting Sahil Lavingia’s Minimalist Entrepreneur Course.

I currently facilitate two bi-weekly mastermind calls with entreprenuers.

Stay tuned via my newsletter and twitter for what the Masterminds will look like in Q3.