Shawn Price

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More about me

I have over a decade of experience in both front-end and back-end web development. I currently enjoy using Javascript including ES6, React, Vue, Node, and Mongo.

In the fall of 2017 I began learning Solidity and have enjoyed building smart contracts with Ethereum. A new programming paradigm, Solidity requires discipline, careful thought, and incredible prudence.

I believe agile teams are more efficient and accountable teams. I am a certified scrum professional (CSP). While not dogmatic in my approach to applying agile principles I do know it means more than a morning standup.

I have experience guiding teams through agile transformations leading to measurable improvement.


Opportunities I’m looking for

I partner with tech companies building impactful products. I believe products can create a more even distribution of the experiences among all peoples lives. This often means working with early to min-stage startups. And these days it often means working with Blockchain companies.

I’ve participated in the Blockchain space since early 2013. Since then it’s become clear that decentralized and trustless systems will enable large amounts of positive change.

Some of my personal projects

I create web apps for personal enjoyment and to keep myself fluent with current and emerging technologies.

Please note that I created each of these products to solve a problem, learn, and make something that works. The focus is primarily on functionality rather than aesthetics.

GitHub Issues Viewer

This was a small project I created while interviewing for a new role. It’s a simple React project which highlights how I like to structure Frontend projects.

Source on GitHub

Access Token

This was my final project for the 2018 ConsenSys Academy Developer Program.

Access Token is an ERC-721 token that grants tiered access to any type of content. It could be modified for use of online newspaper paywalls using micropayments. Or for access to a library of video learning materials.

Source on GitHub


CryptoKitties is the worlds first and most popular blockchain game. Chromecast is the best way to watch content on your TV.

The purrfect marriage of these two technologies is KittyCast. Cast your kitties to your TV, sit back, and enjoy.

KittyCast Website


This was my first exploration of Ethereum Smart Contracts and Solidity. Chill is a prototype of an online marketplace for digital art. Launched on the Rinkeby network in October 2017, Chill was an example of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) before NFTs were a thing.

Chill Website [Note: Chill used images on IPFS and unfortunately these were not pinned and are now gone 😿]


Ringer is a consumer SaaS app I built for myself. I was unhappy paying about CA $75/month for my mobile plan. Especially when realizing that most of that cost went towards rarely used voice and text. I built Ringer and switched to a data-only plan.

Ringer is ideal for people who rarely take calls to their phone. It’s a voicemail answering service – emailing a recording and transcription of the voicemail.

I’m someone who uses WhatsApp for nearly all my messaging and Google Dialer to place calls. Ringer allowed me to save about 60% on my monthly mobile plan.

Now with a handful of paying customers and growing slowly, Ringer continues to be improved upon.

Ringer Website