The last guide to installing Metamask in Chrome

The last guide to installing Metamask in Chrome

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Metamask is a crypto wallet and decentralized application interface that is both a browser extension and mobile app. It provides users with the ability to create, import, and manage a non-custodial crypto wallet. Metamask works with the Ethereum blockchain and compatible chains including Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Optimism, and more.

The Last Guide - Video Walkthrough

The Last Guide - Step-By-Step

The Last Guide

The Metamask homepage
Visit the Metamask homepage at and click the "Download Now" button
The Metamask website installation page
Click the “Install Metamask for Chrome” button
chrome web store page for the Metamask extension
In the Chrome web store tab, click the “Add to Chrome” button
Chrome Add Extension popup
On the "Add Metamask?" popup click the "Add extension" button
Welcome to Metamask screen
Click the “Get Started” button

Note: This tab may open to a blank page. If this happens refresh the page to view the "Welcome to Metamask" screen

The New to Metamask screen
Click the “Create a Wallet” button
The Help us improve Metamask screen
Read the "Help us improve Metamask" information and click “I agree”
The Create Password screen
Enter a strong password and save it to your password manager
The Create Password screen with password filled out and Terms of Use agreed to
Review the Terms of Use (TOS) and click the checkbox affirming that you have read and agreed to the TOS. Click the “Create” button
The Secure your wallet screen
A video appears which explains what your Secret Recovery Phrase is and how to keep it safe
The secure your wallet video playing
Be sure to watch this video and then click the Next button

✨Note: Every part of this short video is important, and one part which is most important is the statement “if anyone ever asks you for [your secret recovery phrase] they are trying to scam you.” This is worth repeating. If anyone, any website, or anything that is not a crypto wallet you are knowingly importing an existing secret recovery phrase into, ever asks you to say or type your secret recovery phrase, this is an attempt to scam you. It is important to always remember this.

Click on the area which reads “Click here to reveal secret words”
The Secret Recovery Phrase screen
Write down the 12 word secret recovery phrase on a piece of paper, later following up to keep it safe as described in the earlier video. Having written down the Secret Recovery Phrase, click the "Next" button
The Confirm your Secret Recovery Phrase screen
Confirm your secret recovery phrase by clicking on each word of the phrase in the correct order
The Confirm your Secret Recovery Phrase screen with words selected
Having selected the recovery words, click “Confirm”
The Congratulations screen
Review the “Tips on storing [the secret recovery phrase] safely” and click "All Done"
The Metamask extension tab
Metamask is now installed in Chrome. You're almost done
Metmask wallet screen with Chrome extensions puzzle icon clicked
Click the puzzle icon in the top right corner of the browser
Metmask wallet screen with Metamask extension pinned
Click the pin icon next to the Metamask extension to keep the extension pinned in your browser
Chrome browser window with Metmask extension in use
Access Metamask by clicking on the extension icon
Metamask extension open with mouse hovered over address
Hover over the "Account 1" section to copy your crypto wallet address
Metamask extension open with address copied to clipboard
Click to copy your address

✨Note: The Metamask extension displays the first five characters and last four characters of a 42 character crypto address. It’s safe to share this address.

You’re all set! You now have a crypto wallet of your very own to use with the Ethereum blockchain and other compatible chains. And only you control the contents of this wallet.

gm and thanks for reading.

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